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Screaming Of My Soul - Endless Time (2) - Ancient Tales (CD)


  1. Feb 09,  · My eyes were focused on the neighbor’s window that was closest to mine, on the other side of the low fence. I felt like the music was infiltrating my soul, affecting me from the inside out, taking over my thoughts and actions. The orange light was bright in the window, almost a golden yellow – but what I saw next nearly blew my mind.
  2. Beyond the Grasp of Mortal Hands by Arctos, released 20 September 1. The Ancestors' Path 2. Shattered Tomb 3. Somnos Aeternus 4. The Spectre 5. Autumn's Herald Interitus 6. A Realm Beyond 7. The Light Beyond the Sky (The Passage II) The Wild has risen! This album encompasses almost 7 years of writing and nearly a year of studio time to achieve the most authentic reflection of our sound.
  3. 2. The genre itself so light and kind off entertaining. 3. The Male Lead sure my favorite, I hate the type of wishy-washy man who cant prioritize his woman and side with the over zealous another female cast. 4. The finishing part of each story have a hanging conclusion before she's back to the real world which led into a problem in the future. 5.
  4. EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - "The Nightmare Seconds" LP/CD by PROFANE EXISTENCE, released 01 January 1. Spare A Thought 2. Without Consent 3. The Nightmare Seconds 4. Religious Dogma 5. Apathy and Fear 6. Arise (AMEBIX Cover) 7. Existence Declines 8. Gung-Ho Heroes 9. Two Faces of Evil Desperate Measures Empty Gestures
  5. Pillars of Creation by Obsidian Tide, released 29 August 1. Pillars of Creation 2. Seven 3. King of a New Realm 4. Portent of Betrayal 5. Hireath 6. The Harbinger and the Millenial Vengeance 7. Magnanimous 'Pillars of Creation' is a concept album, telling the tale of a man who goes on a journey of enlightenment. On his journey, he witnesses riveting stories and learns of horrible truths.
  6. 09 25 CD Box Set by Mick Chillage, released 19 January 1. At The Beginning 2. Shadow On My Soul 3. Companion 4. You Will Shine Forever 5. 09 - 19 Mix Pt-1 6. 09 - 19 Mix Pt-2 7. 09 - 19 Mix Pt
  7. "Modern Day Babylon" deluxe digi 2-cd (incl. and their debut "Wings Of Innocence") Blackmore's Night "Dancer And The Moon" deluxe digipack 2-cd (cd+DVD) Blind Justice "In The Name Of Justice" Bloodphemy "Blood Will Tell" mini-cd + bonus track: Bloodphemy "Bloodline" Bomb And Scary "Black Wishing Well" + bonus.
  8. MARDUK «Dark Endless» (): Как гласит запись в истории на официальном MySpace группы, "Морган решил создать самый брутальный и богохульный металлический акт за всю историю и основал Marduk".
  9. The Boreal Flame by Dimhav, released 08 November 1. Boreal Ascent 2. Realms of a Vagrant King 3. The Flame Transcendent 4. Chthonic Elegy 5. The Aerial 6. From Southern Shores 7. Star and Crescent The long Nordic winter is an ancient fount of story and myth – of tales quietly shared around the bonfire, and of songs chanted in dingy drinking halls by brash minstrels.