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  1. High definition is - rising or extending upward a great distance: taller than average, usual, or expected. How to use high in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of high.
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  3. higher echelons npl plural noun: Noun always used in plural form--for example, "jeans," "scissors." (top levels in a hierarchy) échelons supérieurs nmpl nom masculin pluriel: s'utilise avec l'article défini "les". nmpl = nom pluriel au masculin, nfpl = nom pluriel au féminin: higher education n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality.
  4. Higher Lyrics: We The Best music / DJ Khaled / Oh, you keep taking me higher and higher (Yeah) / But don't you know that the devil is a liar? (Yeah, I know) / They'd rather see me down, put my.
  5. Refugee Crisis vs Donald Trump. Starbucks vs Tax Avoidance. Which gets Googled more? A simple game of higher or lower. Play now!
  6. be higher than a kite 1. To be very intoxicated by alcohol or (especially) drugs. I tried tutoring him in math, but he was always higher than a kite when I came by. 2. To be elated or euphorically happy. I was higher than a kite when I found out I got into Stanford. See also: higher, kite higher than a kite 1. Very intoxicated by alcohol or (especially.
  7. higher: 1 adj advanced in complexity or elaboration “ higher finance” “ higher mathematics” Synonyms: high greater than normal in degree or intensity or amount adj of education beyond the secondary level “ higher education” “ higher learning” Synonyms: high greater than normal in .
  8. Define higher. higher synonyms, higher pronunciation, higher translation, English dictionary definition of higher. above, taller: That mountain is higher than the others.; a greater amount: Prices are higher in the city than in the country.
  9. No one in higher education can afford to be complacent. Cultural, demographic, and economic forces are changing the world around and on campuses, challenging long-held beliefs and upending traditions.