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Around Midnight - The Congo Eels - The Congo Eels (Vinyl)


  1. The Congo Snake These aquatic creatures re also referred to as the Congo Eel or Congo Snake, which is incorrect since they are salamanders but you can see how they received these common names. The Three-Toed Amphiuma does look a little like an eel or a snake while they are swimming through their watery habitat, mainly ponds, rivers, streams or.
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  3. Republic of the Congo - Republic of the Congo - Cultural life: Precolonial artistic expression emphasized ceremonial music, dance, sculpture, and oral literature. Christianity and colonialism had a great impact on these art forms. The carving of ritual objects became commercialized, and music and dance altered as a result of the introduction of Western instruments and musical styles.
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  5. 2 Democratic Republic of the. a republic in S central Africa, with a narrow strip of land along the Congo estuary leading to the Atlantic in the west: Congo Free State established in , with Leopold II of Belgium as absolute monarch; became the Belgian Congo colony in ; gained independence in , followed by civil war and the secession of Katanga (until ); President Mobutu Sese.
  6. The Congos are a reggae vocal group from Jamaica which formed as the duo "Ashanti" Roy Johnson (tenor) (b. Roydel Johnson, , Hanover, Jamaica) and Cedric Myton (falsetto) (b. , Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica), later becoming a trio with the addition of Watty Burnett (baritone) ( s, Port Antonio, Jamaica), and have been active on and off from the mids until the present .
  7. Which one is the eel? So far, we have looked at a wide variety of eels, from moray eels (F. Muraenidae), to snake eels (F. Ophichthidae), from conger eels (F. Congridae) and pike conger eels (F. Muraenesocidae), to the freshwater eels (F. Anguillidae).We've even spent a bit of time on 2 very little-known eel families, the spaghetti eels (F. Moringuidae) and false moray eels (F. Chlopsidae).
  8. Congo eel n. See amphiuma. congo eel or congo snake n (Animals) an aquatic salamander, Amphiuma means, having an eel-like body with gill slits and rudimentary limbs and inhabiting still, muddy waters in the southern US: family Amphiumidae ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. congo eel - aquatic eel-shaped.
  9. Definition of congo eel in the dictionary. Meaning of congo eel. What does congo eel mean? Information and translations of congo eel in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.